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Who We Are?

2 mums, who love to bake and are a little bit cheeky

With our kids away at College, missing their mums (and moms) terribly and in dire need of a comfort hug in the form of home baked goodness, we found the choice and quality of available online deliverable options seriously lacking.

Okay, so maybe it was more a case of us mums in dire need of a hug from our kids……..With five kids in four states stretching from Washington to Florida, we have co-survived countless college drama, freshman home sickness, first love break ups (second, third and counting), switching majors, dead week, finals week, all night study sessions, best ever roommate, worst roommate ever, too far to fly home for Thanksgiving, my RA is so cool, my RA is so uncool, curved grading, why do I have to take a women’s studies class for my engineering major, my four year degree is actually a five year program, during which time we have honed, crafted and mastered the hug from home in the form of the perfect home baked brownie straight from mum's kitchen.

And so the idea was born to share our creations with you and your college bound babies, your family, your friends, your business associates, in fact anyone in your life that would benefit from a box of home baked goodness in their life!


I love to bake! My love of baking started in a school cookery class at age 11, it was by far my best subject, a creative escape from Math and English. Good grades turned into a passion which has continued through the years. During the crazy times of bringing up a family and a 30 yr nursing career I have continually baked for my girls, family, friends and many others. I enjoy developing new bakes and flavors and testing my skills in local competitions. Now it is time to take my passion one step further with my BFF alongside for the journey.


Yes, my name has a somewhat unique spelling, some think it’s cool, believe me, it’s a pain! I am a big fan of afternoon tea and when I travel I love to sample what's on offer. I guarantee you that our gluten free brownies are the best around and challenge you to taste the difference between them and our Original! Originating from Lancashire, England, when I landed in Seattle in ’93 I continued on my career path in business administration and finance (yawn!). I am excited for a change of direction and focus as one of 2CheekyBakers!

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