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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Who knew launching a business doesn’t happen quite the way you plan it?

“Okay so let’s launch before Christmas” HaHaHaHa…. seriously who tries to launch a business before Christmas? What with work, trips to visit kids for fun, trips to help kids move apartments and trips to deal with Floridian fruit fly infestations (yes, really), Thanksgiving, Holiday prepping, bad backs, major medical procedures, broken hearts and one too many late night phone call in the midst of finals, sure we can do it! This is normal life, it was time to take the leap and if we were to sit around waiting for the right time in the craziness of our lives, that was never going to happen.

We found a commercial kitchen, got licensed, bought supplies, designed a logo (thank you Henry) built a web page (thank you Warren), passed inspections, tested recipes, sent trial box upon box of brownies to our kids (their friends love us), and then we ordered our custom boxes and we waited… and we waited… and we waited. Didn’t they know we wanted to launch before Christmas? Lots of phone calls, emails all with the response “They are being processed”. They finally arrived December 28th, just in time for our Christmas launch, not! The plus point of delayed boxes is we were able to enjoy the Holidays with all five of our kids at home at the same time, a very rare event and not one that will be repeated often as the kids all continue to fly the coop.

“So, lets launch the week the kids go back to school”

So here we are mid-January, kids are back at work and school, the nest is empty once more. Everything is ready to go and Cliff Mass says Snowmageddon 2020 is on its way! Anyone who lives in the Pacific North West knows that when Cliff says the snow is coming, the snow is coming. So, we sit and wait, and we bake for fun. We have created the most delicious strawberry brownie for Valentines. It’s a delectable combo of an organic strawberry buttercream sandwiched between two layers of The Original topped with a dark chocolate drizzle. Fingers and toes crossed that the snow soon clears and we finally get our launch….2CheekyBakers…. coming real soon

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