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Brownie of the Month

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

We love recipe testing, blending different flavors, both traditional and unusual, it is always fun seeing what the outcome is going to be, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. For our March Brownie we tried incorporating Irish Cream flavor into the brownie. Our goal is always to keep our brownies as natural as possible without a bunch of additives or preservatives, so lots of premade syrups and flavorings are off our menu. We were unable to develop a strong enough Irish cream flavor without adding in syrups or flavorings, but we will keep testing. Instead we decided to go with an all-American tradition of peanut butter. March 1st was National Peanut Butter Day😊it seems appropriate to incorporate peanut butter into our brownies for the month of March. Think peanut butter cup, our brownie has a delicious chocolatey fudge center with a smooth peanut butter flavor throughout. We tried experimenting some more, we made some strawberry jam and decided to swirl that into the peanut butter too. The flavor was phenomenal, but the additional sugar content caused craters to develop in the swirls. Great taste, but not an attractive look. Back to the test kitchen for the PB&J, but the delicious Peanut Butter Swirls is our March Brownie of the Month.

In sending care-packages off to the kids this week, we sent their much-requested brownies, but also hand sanitizer. As mums it’s always hard having your kids far from home, but when they get sick it is even harder. They may not always admit it, they need their mums and we can’t always be there. The nurse in me has come out in force this last week due to Covid-19 and I want them to stay healthy. They may say it is nagging but I seem to have spent their whole lives reminding them to wash their hands. The best defense for colds and flus is to wash your hands, not touch your face and stay home when sick, and if hand washing not available use hand sanitizer. None of us know what the next few weeks will bring. In the meantime, stay healthy, wash your hands and enjoy some Cheeky Brownies.

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