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Superbowl Sunday and Our Favorite Review

Orders are beginning to pick up as the word of our Cheeky Brownies spreads. We are trying to get the word out on social media. We are slowly getting the hang of Instagram, although we are not sure we are hip enough for it and are still requiring some lengthy tutoring from certain family members who are more in tune to the daily runnings of Instagram. The kids are also earning their “brownie points” by spreading the word on their accounts and on campuses. No posts, no brownies! It’s amazing how bribery involving chocolate brownies can be so persuasive.

Update on achy back - anti-fatigue mat, comfy shoes and orthotics have all been installed for a much happier back, we are now dancing across the kitchen.

We spent Superbowl Sunday baking, it was a peaceful time in the kitchen. Everyone had packed up early and we got the place to ourselves. Although we enjoy watching football it’s just not the same when the Seahawks are not playing. Although we heard it was a great game to watch, it was nice to be able to have the space to ourselves, to be able to bake and put the world to rights with your bestie on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Reviews are coming in and are awesome! Our favorite review by far is from Jay-Bob in Virginia who sent a picture of his box of Cheeky Brownies with the words “I had a caramel brownie and it changed my life. Amazing.” We bake a mean brownie and will take the credit where we can. We have also had reports of Cheeky Brownies becoming excellent college food for a quick grab and go.

We are 9 days away from Valentine’s Day, a time for love, chocolate and strawberries. Our scrummy Valentine’s special is a delicate combo of strawberries and dark chocolate, with an organic strawberry buttercream sandwiched between two chewy layers of brownie topped with a dark chocolate drizzle. It’s love at first bite. Sending a box of gourmet Cheeky Brownies to a loved one is an easy way to show your love. Use code LOVE10 at checkout for a sweet 10% off your order. Order by Feb 11th to ensure delivery by the 14th.

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