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We did it!

We did it! 1st week at 2CheekyBakers is in the box!

We have prepped, baked, packaged and shipped; We can honestly say it has been a very successful first week. We have many happy customers and are getting some great feedback; we have also learnt a few things along the way.

I need new shoes. Long days standing on a concrete floor go for the back or maybe its just being over 50, but I am going to invest in a nice pair of orthotic supporting shoes.

No matter how far away your kids are you still know when you are getting the “eye roll”. Neither of us are particularly up to speed with Instagram so when you call asking “Can you help me with my Instagram account” you get the exasperated “Oh mum” with the deep sigh and the eye roll. I’m your mum I know what you are doing even when you are 3000 miles away. However, after some tutoring, we have an Instagram account up and running @2_cheeky_bakers.

Folding hundreds of boxes can be quite cathartic, but we may be some time before we enter in the World box folding speed championships, it’s a thing. We can fold one box in just under a minute, the current record is 13 boxes in a minute! Few more weeks and we will be good.

Reviews are coming in from the boxes that have been received this week. Customers love the packaging and our Caramel Brownie is a firm favorite. One reviewer said they were surprised because the caramel wasn’t just a bit on the top but a layer through the whole brownie. Like all our products we make our caramel from scratch, using real butter, pure cane sugar and little bit of Cheeky. Well, we can’t give away our secrets😉 You will have to order some to know how delicious and moreish this decadent brownie is.

We’d love to hear more feedback; we’d also love you to spread the word. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram, tell your kid’s college parent pages about us. We want to share our love of ‘from scratch’ baking and these delicious brownies shipped to your door.

Have a Cheeky Week,

Angela and Stepheney

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